Hello Django Tutorial

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Note: Tutorial content is under development. You may come across a grammetical and technical error, If yes, feel free to open an issue at GitHub(https://github.com/nescode/hellodjango/issues). This is also one of the way of contributing to project. Contribution is highly appreciated.

Training course is designed for

This training course is designed for beginner with zero programming knowledge. This course will help you learn basics of Python, Django Framework, Bootstrap and SQLite. At the end of this course, you will have a fully functional web application running in cloud.

Our training program uniqueness

At some point in our life, we meet a teacher who leave a lasting impression through their way of teaching and making complex topics/subject easy to understand. There is a common perception that Python is hard but it's not. Python is one of the most readable, friendly and easy to learn language. Some of our uniqueness:

  • Making Python and Django easy to learn.
  • Helping you build real project.
  • Live customer project where you earn while learning.
  • A batch of maximum 10 students.
  • This is not our business where we make money. This is an effort to contribute back to open source community.
  • Most affordable Python and Django training program.

Youtube channel

If your learning approach is more toward visual. Head on to Youtube channel.

Build it, break it and again build it.

At Nescode, we believe in a simple thought - Practice makes a people perfect. Build it, break it and again build it philosophy will help you understand the stuff works in background. It will make your concepts more clear.


The one skill that will make you a bad programmer OR good programmer is attention to detail. Whatever you learn, pay full attention else don't learn it.

If you are failing in paying attention to the tiniest details of work, better you train your brain first. As a programmer, you have to deal with hundreds of small bugs. And quality of attention while learning/working will help you find bugs easily.

Why Hello Django

Python and Django is one of the beautiful language and framework but tutorials out there on Internet is so complicated that beginners are scared of learning. This is an effort to make Python and Django easy to learn and develop some real project.

Precautions for beginners

Journey of learning Python and Django is not going to be something like walking on Red Carpet. The people who achieved something in his/her life worked hard day-in and day-out. Some of the bullet points worth mention here:

  • Never loose your patience while learning any new thing.
  • Always try to find solution(s) whether it is your problem or someone else.
  • Never give up. More than failure nothing will happen. But failures are going to give you an ultimate experience.
  • Maintain consistency in your day-to-day learning schedules.

Want to contribute?

You are most welcome. Source code is released in Open Source domain and available on GitHub. Send a pull request, we would be more than happy to add you in contributor list.

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